John McAfee: Armed, Angry, and Running for President

140108100113-john-mcafee-1024x576Before we jump to deep into this, I have endorsed Governor Gary Johnson to be the Libertarian Nominee for President. You can read that endorsement right here. I have featured both Governor Johnson and Austin Petersen on this website.  I tried to get an interview with the other leading candidate for the Libertarian nomination, John McAfee, but have not gotten a response to my questions.

However, I find it fair to portray the options to the Libertarian voters, and have decided to do a little bit on John McAfee.

HeatStreet just gave Mr. McAfee a visit and did a fantastic video on him and his ideas. Watch for yourself.

I like John McAfee.  I believe he is a genuine Libertarian, and his belief system is lined up perfectly with a lot of people in this country. The idea that you own your body and mind is powerful, and generally a major point in Libertarian circles.  McAfee contributes to the movement in a lot of different ways. He is intellectual, he isa proven business man, and has real world experience.  The downfall to somebody like John McAfee is his past history. The drug use doesn’t really bother me, it is more the shady criminal past.  That would be his hardest point to convince the American people that he should be President.  The upside is that he is honest about his past, which is not a trait common among our current crop of politicians.

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