Glenn Beck #NeverTrump Leader To Interview Libertarian Gary Johnson

The interest in a third-party candidate following the departure of Ted Cruz from the Republican primary race is reaching a tipping point.
Governor Gary Johnson, who has been making the media rounds ever since the announcement that Ted Cruz was suspending his presidential campaign, is now slated to be interviewed by the leading #NeverTrump talk radio host Glenn Beck.

The Libertarian Vindicator has confirmed with the Gary Johnson campaign that Glenn Beck and his team have reached out to the governor’s campaign, and the governor will be interviewing with Glenn Beck in the next few days.

This is a big sign for the Libertarian Party in the United States. There has been a spike in interest with the liberty movement ever since Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination for President of United States. The American people are crying out for an alternative choice in the 2016 election and the Libertarian party will be the only third-party on all 50 state ballots in November.

Radio personalities like Glenn Beck have the ability to reach a mass audience of anti-Trump and anti-Clinton voters. Having somebody like governor Gary Johnson on the program and showcasing the ideas of his campaign and the liberty movement will have a dramatic impact, and have the ability to draw in the #NeverTrump crowd.

Once the interview with the governor is complete we will update this story with the audio or video.

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