Gary Johnson Bringing New People to the Libertarian Party 

Now that the American people are dissatisfied with the current frontrunners in this election there has been a spike in interest in the Libertarian Party and only one candidate for their nomination.

Google search trends over the past 7 days have indicated two things. People are interested in the Libertarian Party and people are interested in Governor Gary Johnson, the presumptive nominee of the party.

Despite the effort of other Libertarian candidates trying to capitalize on the Trump phenomenon there is one clear choice this season. Gary Johnson is spiking the interest of people across this country and is brining in a new class of  people into the party and the movement. 

Governor Johnson has cross over appeal and the experience necessary to convince people he is the only alternative to Trump and Clinton. This is the year of the Libertarian and Gary Johnson is spearheading the effort to change the status quo in America.

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