Donald Trump’s Campaign Exposes Hidden Racism in the United States

vickqDonald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and with his rise comes major concerns for the heart of this country.

The United States has had a long history with race, and over the years it would seem that racist tendencies have gone away.  Ever since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s the United States changed its tone in regards to race.  We barred discrimination, ensured voting rights, and changed the culture of this country over hard fought battles in the political sphere.

However, there has been a hidden racism that has existed in many parts of the United States.  We tend to focus on the big stories and major cities in this country and the good that is happening all around. In the past few years there have been minor sparks of racism with the shooting of “innocent black people” at the hands of the police, which in turn sparked national conversations about race in the United States.

A new phenomenon has arisen in 2016, and that is the campaign of Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States. With Trump’s campaign for the presidency there has been a new birth of racism and bigotry that has come out of hiding.  Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Program Filmmaker Rob Reiner discussed the exposure of this racism with Joe Scarborough and his team.

Donald Trump has spawned a new movement of bigotry in the United States.  His rhetoric is almost on par to that of George Wallace of the 1960’s when he called for segregation now and segregation forever.  Trump is breeding a new generation of white supremacists and skin heads that feel the United States is being taken over by anybody with dark skin.  Anybody who defends him and his rhetoric is either ignorant or part of this new spawn of racists.

We are a country based on equality for all.  Yes we had a history of not preaching that tone, but that was settled by Lincoln during the Civil War, and we now proudly proclaim that the United States is home to anybody that loves freedom and loves liberty. Donald Trump and his band of bigots are taking the United Stats back to the 1850’s and the times of intense segregation.

Ask yourself this question; why is it only white people that want to “Make America Great Again?”

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