Donald Trump the Creation of a Dying Political Party

502743544.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeThe Republican Party is in scramble mode as a wedge is being divided right through it’s heart.  The rise of Donald Trump has divided the Republicans like no other candidate has in modern political history.  He is a unique  brand on the surface, but dig a little further and it will be discovered that the Republican Party created this beast of a candidate and only have themselves to blame.

The GOP is a dying party, and as a result, the likes of Donald Trump have surfaced.  Over the year past 20 years the Republican electorate has been let down by righteous holier than thou followers that believe everything they are told, and hold tight to the notion that something will change.  The moment they get a candidate that starts spewing their anger & bigotry they seize at the opportunity to reject logic and support that candidate.

The Republican Party once stood for something, but now it has fallen deeper out of touch with the main stream of voters in this country.  American’s now identify more as fiscal conservatives, and socially tolerant liberals.  The GOP has failed to attract any support for either of these categories, and as a result they have a fire breathing dragon leading them right into the ground.

The moment the Republican’s rejected the ideas of Ron Paul and the liberty movement in 2008, was the moment they lost their broad appeal across this country from the people that actually matter, the youth.  Many, including myself, have left the party and joined the cause of liberty elsewhere, and if they continue their downward spiral, that trend will continue for many years.

The Republican electorate is literally dying.  They are still a bunch of old white guys that hold on to this notion that America needs to be great again.   Slate ran an article a couple months back exploring this same topic.

You may have heard that the leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, wants to “Make America great again.” You might also have heard that Trump’s strongest/only supporters come from the white working class. The paragraph above explains why that might be so. The United States, in living memory, was a better/more affordable place for the working class in part because of government retirement benefits, union-friendly laws, federally subsidized home loans, and federally subsidized education. One of the reasons that there was so much of this “free stuff” available to white people back in the day is that it wasn’t available to nonwhite people. Discrimination meant there were bigger slices of the pie to go around, so to speak, for every white person.

Think about that for a second.

This party is dying and Donald Trump is now the root cause of this death.

The more the Republican Party rejects the libertarian principles of less government in both our economic and personal lives, the faster this death happens.  It will continue to produce more Donald Trump’s and will breed a new generation of racists and bigots and that will trample all over our rights as citizens.


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  1. Donald Trump is the current manifestation of the American Party, this country’s natural third party which surfaces from time to time. H. Ross Perot and the Reform Party were the previous manifestation.

    As for Republican principles, George W. Bush had more in common with Abraham Lincoln than Coolidge did. Both Lincoln and W. fought questionably necessary wars against weaker countries, and won inefficiently, only to get quagmired during the subsequent occupation. In both cases the attempt to establish democracy failed because large segments of the occupied nations believed strongly in a form of oppression. The Klan and the Taliban have much in common.

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