Should libertarians use Clubhouse?

Upcoming event: Dave Smith and Justin Amash

Libertarian Presidential Candidates

Should the Libertarian Party run a POTUS candidate in 2024?

I’ve joined Clubhouse app, a new form of social media that I’ve described as live interactive podcasts that are not recorded for the public. The libertarian contingent on the app is still quite small. While having a conversation with some libertarians a few days ago, a participant suggested […]

Libertarian LPNH

National Libertarian Party Institutes Takeover of the New Hampshire Party

Hostile Takeover of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party? The New Hampshire Libertarian Party has been in hot water recently, and with the tweet that suggested that the United States should end child labor laws it appears that the national party has committed a hostile takeover of the state […]

New Hampshire Child Labor Laws

Is The New Hampshire LP Right? Should We End Child Labor Laws?

New Hampshire Libertarian Party draws backlash for calling to end child labor laws The New Hampshire Libertarian Party made some waves this week when they tweeted that the United States should end Child Labor laws. Legalize child labor. Children will learn more on a job site than in […]

man standing on stage facing an american flag

How Libertarians Can Help Veterans

How Libertarians Can Help Veterans With Americans all across the country celebrating Memorial Day it is imperative to talk about the meaning behind the day. While many libertarians may passionately believe that the military represents state overreach and the interventionist policies that have destabilized the middle east, there […]

architecture art clouds landmark

History tells us Libertarian ideas are winning

The Libertarian Experiment Since the founding of the United States of America (The Great Experiment) the world has evolved from where only “Nobles” had rights, were landowners, and there were no free markets. Today, the world generally has religious freedoms, personal freedoms, freedoms of speech, property rights, free […]

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